New name in charge of Stampex

The Philatelic Traders Society (PTS) has announced the formation of a new company that will take charge of the running of the popular Stampex exhibition. According to the PTS, the new company, PTS Stamp and Coin Exhibitions Ltd, has been created to keep Stampex at the forefront of international stamp exhibitions and to make it the principal European event for the foreseeable future. The new company will organise and operate the bi-annual Stampex exhibitions, as well as any other events in which it is involved, although no details of these have yet been revealed.

In order to create the new company, the PTS has been working closely with the Royal Philatelic Society (RPSL) and leading members of the stamp trade. The new company, affiliated to, but entirely separate from the PTS, will give the RPSL - and by extension, all collectors’ groups - a more active role in the administration and organisation of the Stampex event. This will include the immediate increase in the area dedicated to display frames.

The formation of the new company was made possible by the generous contribution of £110,000 of capital funding from leading philatelic companies and organisations, for which the PTS has offered its grateful thanks. The companies who donated were (in alphabetical order): Apex Philatelic Auctions (£20,000), BB Stamps (£10,000), John Curtin Ltd (£10,000), Mark Bloxham Stamps (£10,000), Spink (£20,000), Stanley Gibbons (£20,000), and The Philatelic Trust (£20,000).

The first duty of the new company will be to build on the past successes of Stampex, which has gone from strength-to-strength in recent years. According to figures released by the PTS, the number of standholders attending Stampex has increased by almost 30 per cent compared to just five years ago, including numerous international traders from Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australasia.


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