British Commonwealth Revenues Catalogue by J Barefoot Ltd - 2012 Edition

This long awaited edition is now in full colour throughout. As before it includes a wide range of Revenue types including Court Fee, Beer Tax, Customs Duty, Immigration, Patent Office, Stamp Duty, Passport & Visa, Share Transfer, Vehicle Tax, TV Licences, Cigarette Tax, Law Stamps, Bill of Exchange, Foreign Bill, High Court, Receipt Stamps, Land Registry, Dog Licence, National Insurance and Unemployment.

Each of the colonies is dealt with alphabetically, and the relevant revenues are listed in alphabetical order of the tax and chronologically within each tax. Philatelic differences, such as watermarks, are listed separately, as are perforations, and overprint types when relevant.

Since most revenue stamps are not available to the general public unused, all stamps are priced for normal fiscal use, usually by rubber date-stamp or manuscript, sometimes colour embossed, but also occasionally with perforated ‘USED’ or with a date.

Prices have been revised, but rather surprisingly many remain unchanged even from the 2002 edition.

The conversion to colour makes this volume so much more easy to use, makes the identification of the different types much quicker, and altogether enhances the appearance of the volume. This plus the fact that there are now 410 pages mean a cover price hike, but the book will remain current for a number of years.