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The First Large Canoe Stamps (1907) of British Solomon Islands

British Solomon Islands 1907 Large Canoe 2 1/2d orange-yellow pair of stamps imperforate between SG 4b

In the decade following Mr. Woodford’s appointment, the white popu-lation of the Protectorate showed a steady increase. Trading stations were set up by Messrs. Burns, Philp & Co. Ltd., in connection with their business as traders and shipowners, and coconut plantations were estab-lished by Messrs. Levers Pacific Plantations Ltd.

The gradual development of the islands was reflected in the increase of correspondence, and the provision of postage stamps had become a necessity.

Northern Rhodesia KGVI Dies and colour trials

In October 1937 Gibbons Stamp Monthly quoting the Crown Agents’ Bulletin for the third quarter of 1937 (see Appendix 2), reported that the KG VI definitive stamps for Northern Rhodesia would be based on the same design - including elephants that looked more Indian than African - as the stamps for the previous reign and the colour scheme retained, but the words ‘POSTAGE & REVENUE’ would be omitted. It is not surprising therefore that there are no essays for the issue. As far as die proofs are concerned, the following are listed in Waterlow’s index of their die proofs, a photocopy of which is held by the Royal Philatelic Society, London, but the accompanying photographic record does not include any proofs for this issue. This is confirmed by Fraser and Lowe in their published record of The die proofs of Waterlow and Sons; “no proofs for the King George VI issue [for Northern Rhodesia] are found in the record books”. They quote the listing reproduced here (in a different order), with the additional comment, “It is not possible to identify the dies used for the 4½d and 9d denominations issued in 1952”.

Ascension 1938 KGVI 6d. Stamps - Details of the Printing Records

Ascension 1938 KGVI 6d. Stamps in corner Block of Four

In this article I have used the information contained in the written records and other material held in the Crown Agents Philatelic and Security Printing Archive, and the Universal Postal Union Collection. These records provide the story of the printings and despatches of this stamp over a period of some eight years.

The Crown Agents written records referred to include the Requisition Books which show details of orders, quantities and despatches, the Plate Issue Books, which note the issue and return of printing plates, the Paper Issue Books, which record the issue of paper to the printers, and the Register of Dies, Plates, etc. A number of gaps occur in the records, and these are noted accordingly. The Register of Dies, Plates, etc. does not contain any references to Ascension for this period.

The stamps of Palestine under King George VI

Palestine Postage Due 1928-45 SPECIMEN stamps

At first glance, the pictorial definitives issued by the Palestine Mandate offer little to interest the KGVI collector. Although 16 values were released, there were only four designs, which the Israeli philatelist Meir Persoff summed up as 'unimaginative and dull'. A second glance, however, will offer much to excite the specialist collector, and particularly the collector specialising in the reign of King George VI. During that period the pictorials appeared on a number of different types of paper, which, along with new values, plate varieties, perforation and watermark oddities and a quite complex series of coil printings, helped to make the King's reign one of the most complex and rewarding periods of Palestine philately.

In this article I will attempt to provide a general overview of the issues, and will therefore cover the different papers used for the stamps, major plate varieties and the coil printings. Essential information can be gained from the Bale Palestine Mandate catalogue, which is the leading work on Palestine stamps.

Recent Stamp Auctions Announces and Results

Spink Stamps Auction 12020 - The Collector's Series sale Results

Market is very strong these days as we can see from results of Spink The Collectors Series sale 12020. This sale was held on November 14-15, 2012 with over 1200 lots. There were an interesting sections of De la Rue Dummy stamps, Australia with fine Kangaroo issues, Bermuda, British East Africa, Burma, Ceylon, Falkland Islands, Mauritius, Newfoundland with Air mails, Nyasaland, Rhodesia with "Double Heads".

Let's look at the most remarkable results. Four QEII head proofs (1953) in green on glazed paper with Bradbury Wilkinson imprint was sold for £2,500 (Lot 2). Lots 6, 7 and 9 - King Edward VII Imperium and "Nyasaland" De La Rue £10 Dummy Stamps on piece (in green and amber and in green and red) were not sold with estimates from £600 to £800 each while the similar Lot 10 but in purple and ultramarine was hammered for £1,400. Other lots from this group Lot 11 and 12 were sold for £2,400 and £1,200, respectively.

Grosvenor Auction of British Empire Stamps and Postal History, Sale 73

Malta Stamps: 1899-1901 2s.6d. imperforate colour trial in brown on watermarked paper mounted on card, a horizontal pair, both overprinted SPECIMEN

Grosvenor Auction of British Empire and Foreign Countries Postage Stamps and Postal History, Sale 73 was held on June 13, 2012. The Sale comprised 1479 lots, including 1032 British Commonwealth lots. Total estimate of the sale was £635 870 - £759 870. Total estimate of all British Commonwealth was £411 570 - £489 430.

From total 1479 lots 71% were sold (1055 lots). From total 1479 British Commonwealth lots 72% were sold (751 lots).